Become A Better Online Language Teacher!

Teach a language from anywhere in the world with a computer and Internet access.  Learn about the best tools and practices from experienced online teachers.

Discover step-by-step how to build or grow your online teaching business (even if you are starting from scratch)

April 2-7, 2018

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Summit Interviews



How To Get The Most Out Of The Summit Plus Behind The Scenes Sneak Peek with Paulino Brener!

 LIVE Monday, April 2 at 3pm UTC/10am CST

Online Teacher Summit 2018 interviews have two parts: Discovery Session and Advanced Session.

All Discovery Sessions are available FREE (for registered participants) from Monday, April 2, 10am CST until Saturday, April 7, 11pm CST.  There is no schedule, you can watch them at any time.

Heather Hansen

Defining a Niche that Attracts your Ideal Clients


Joanne Kaminski

Creating an Online Presence 101: How to Not Feel Frustrated Coming up with New Ideas


Kerstin Cable

How to Start a Successful Podcast


Sapna Sehgal

How To Find and Create Perfect Materials for Your Students


Kim Carroll

Tools And Systems I Use To Work Less


Jennifer Preston

How to Automate Student Management and Increase Your Profit


Elena Mutonono

Smart​ Online​ Teaching​ ​Formats​ ​To​ Help​ Online​ Teachers​ Move​ Beyond​ ​1:1


Jack Askew

Creating And Selling Online Courses


Chris Rush

How To Find Students As An Online Teacher


Lindsay Williams

How To Create Your First Product


Jennifer Nascimento

Tips to Start teaching as a Non-native speaker: resources, your advantage, & making money


Paulino Brener

Effective Ways To Reach More Students Through Live Video Streaming


Let's Celebrate An Awesome Week Of Learning!

Saturday, April at 8pm UTC/3pm CST

Live Sessions Schedule

This is your opportunity to ask more questions to presenters.

Tuesday, April 3, 10am CST:  CHRIS RUSH
Tuesday, April 3, 11am CST: Kim Carroll
Thursday, April 5, 11am CST: Kerstin Cable
Thursday, April 5, 12pm CST: Jennifer Preston
Thursday, April 5, 2:30pm CST: Sapna Sehgal
Friday, April 6, 10:30am CST: Elena Mutonono
Friday, April 6, 11am CST: Heather Hansen

Networking Groups Schedule

Come and meet other Online Teacher Summit participants. Share your ideas and ask questions. These are not presentations. These are informal gatherings among summit participants.


  • Monday, April 2, 6pm UTC/1pm CST
  • Tuesday, April 3, 8am UTC/3am CST
  • Tuesday, April 3, 6pm UTC/1pm CST
  • Wednesday, April 4, 11am UTC/6am CST

More Networking Groups will be scheduled on Thursday and Friday after participants vote on dates/times.

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