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I entered my username and password for my members area account and was unable to log in. What’s the deal? +

I entered my username and password for my members area account and was unable to log in. What’s the deal?

Not to point fingers or anything, but 95% of the time this is a user error. Here’s what typically happens:

– Your username (email address) has been mistyped.

– You copied and pasted your username and password from the confirmation email, but accidentally included an extra space when you highlighted the text. Try manually entering your login info.

– Sometimes the number zero (0) can look like the letter “O”. Yes, this happens!

I forgot my password +

Forgot your password?

1) Go to
2) Enter your email and then click "forgot password?"
3) You'll receive an email with your password. (Check your spam folder!)
4) Go to and login with your email and password. I suggest that you check the box "remember me for 2 weeks" so that you don't have to think about it again. 🙂

What time zone are Live Sessions and Networking Groups listed on? +

The times are expressed in CDT. You can use if you need to convert them to your local time. Again, you can watch all the free session at any time. Only Live Sessions and Networking Groups occur at a specific date and time.

Contact Support

Contact support at

This support system is intended to address technical issues and concerns for the Online Teacher Summit online event itself. We encourage you to participate in the Facebook comments/live chat below each presentation (once the event begins) and/or reach out directly to the speaker who is most relevant to your question via their established communication channels. We are unable to answer any specific online business, online teaching or teacherpreneur related questions through this system. Thank you.